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Press article: Tree Bungle

; July 3, 2018

I was recently quoted in a Press story about the choice of Liriodendron trees planted under a cantilevered section of Christchurch’s new Justice Precinct. It is […]

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We’re in Avenues Magazine

; June 28, 2018

It’s damned flattering, but I’ll take it. Thanks, Avenues! In this issue of the popular mag you’ll find a totally brilliant article about us and […]

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Don’t Get Out-Potted

; June 18, 2018

The thing is I’m a bit of a pot queen, and over many years I’ve noticed that most people plant plants into pots that are way too small.

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Size Does Matter


When browsing your garden centre, are you ever confused about height and width on plant labels?

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Four Essential Garden Ingredients


I want to talk to you about the four main ingredients that are a must if you want an excellent garden

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Tremendous Tools


The bulk of the work I do in my garden – probably 80% – is done with very few tools.

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In Praise of Pea Straw


Pea straw, which you’ll find at your garden centre is frequently used at this time of year to protect plants prone to frost damage.

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