Working with you,
and for you.

Think of KO & CO as your garden and landscaping partner. Whether you long for outdoor rooms, riots of colour, entertainment hot spots or pure Zen, we’ll work with you to shape a functional, vibrant garden that meets your needs and enhances your lifestyle. We’ll bring all our creativity, experience, technical smarts and good old common sense to develop your garden from the ground up. With big thinking, little details and tender loving care you’ll have a piece of paradise that keeps you smiling for years to come.

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Kim Odering has spent more than three decades shaping beautiful, functional gardens and outdoor spaces. Renowned for her inimitable style and industry expertise, Kim’s firm grasp on the how-to of her craft comes from her background years within the family-owned Oderings garden centre business. She could probably coax nature’s finest rewards from the surface of the moon. But her real talent is for inspired solutions tailored to her clients’ lifestyle – designing for tomorrow’s needs as well as today’s. Pragmatic, her refreshing spade-is-a-spade approach is accompanied by reassuring traces of soil beneath her fingernails. Her genuine care and respect for nature’s offerings is matched only by that for her clients and everything that matters to them.

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Eugene Evgenov’s capacity for the practical, and sheer enthusiasm for getting things done properly, lends the perfect support to Kim’s creative force. His interest in gardens and landscaping began in his native Russia, where, from a young age, he would expertly plan, cultivate and tend to the sprawling garden of his family’s summer home. His transition to working with New Zealand plant life was made easy by its similarity to that of his homeland. A strategic thinker and KO & CO’s go-to problem solver, Eugene's landscaping knowledge and expertise has extended with his experience working alongside his wife and business partner, Kim.

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The KO-stars

Hard Workers

Behind every great KO & CO project there’s a dedicated support team of artists, designers, land movers and all-round good sorts with all the skills, talent and thumbs-up attitude to get the job done just as it should be.